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HR -1

Introduction of Selenium

What is automation testing?

Use of Automation Testing and Explanation of Selenium and its advantages

HR -2

Components of Selenium

Selenium IDE

Selenium RC

Selenium Grid

Selenium Webdriver

HR – 3

Selenium Webdriver

Introduction to selenium webdriver

Setting up Eclipse

Downloading and configuring Webdriver in Eclipse

First Test case using All the Browsers(Chrome,Firefox,Opera, etc.,)

HR -4

Browser Commands

Navigation Commands

Windows Commands

Locators of Selenium

  1. ID
  2. ClassName
  3. LinkText
  4. Tagname
  5. Name
  6. Css Selector
  7. Xpath

HR – 5

Finding Elements Commands

Web Element Commands

Webdriver Wait Commands

Handling Webdriver Tools

  1. Textbox
  2. List-box
  3. Checkbox
  4. Radio Button
  5. Select and Option(Dropdown Box)
  6. Buttons
  7. Link Icons
  8. IFrames

HR – 6

Selenium Webdriver Object Repository

  1. Set Up Object Repository properties file
  2. Modify Action Keyword class to work with OR properties
  3. Load OR properties in the Driver Script

HR – 7

Log4j Logging and its advance Usage

Log4j Introduction

Download Log4j

Add Log4j Jars

Test Case with Log4j Logging

Log4j Manager



HR – 8

TestNG Framework


Install TestNG

First Test Case with TestNG

TestNG Test Suite

HR – 9

Annotations, Groups & Depend-On

  1. Before Class
  2. Before Method
  3. Before Test
  4. Before Suite
  5. After Class
  6. After Method
  7. After Test
  8. After Suite

Executing Tests

Executing Test Suites

Ignore Test

Dependency Test

Parameterized Tests


Multi Browser Testing with Prioritizing

Report Generation Using Ant,Test NG and Plugins with Extended Reports of Charts

HR – 10

Hybrid Automation Framework

Automation Framework

Page Object Model

Functions Parameters

Data Driven Framework

HR – 11

Log4j Logging

TestNG Reporting

User Defined Function

Object Repository

Exception Handling

Hybrid Automation Framework


Handling alerts box

Multi-Screenshot for Errors

Video Recording



JUnit Framework
JUnit Test Runner
First Junit Test

Junit Introduction

Junit Test with Selenium WebDriver

Multiple Tests Method and Test Classes


JUnit Test Suite

Junit using the selenium program
Running Junit Tests from Eclipse


HR-4& 5


Maven Introduction

Install Maven in Eclipse IDE

How to Create a New Maven Project

How to Create a New Maven Project in Eclipse

Configure Selenium Continuous Integration with Maven


Download and Install Java
Download and Start Eclipse
Install Cucumber Eclipse Plugin
Download Cucumber for Eclipse
Download Webdriver Java client
Configure Eclipse with Cucumber


Cucumber Selenium Java Test
Feature File
JUnit Test Runner Class
Gherkin Keywords
Step Definition
Cucumber Options


Parameterization in Cucumber
Data Driven Testing Using Examples Keyword
Data Tables in Cucumber


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